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When entering the page https://aramispy.com.br, check the icon next to the shopping cart on the upper right with a user avatar and click on it to log into the system.

Enter your registration email or username along with your password and then click Log in.

After we have logged into the system, we should be viewing a logistic administration interface. If the interface does not appear, click MANAGER in the main menu, you will be seeing a user photo with items on your left that we will talk about later, but right now, we are going to talk about adding products in your first level, without adding new categories and without logistics system, just register, with short, complete description, main photo, complementary photos, new tabs in the description, registration of logistic code and its due temporary publication with font of letters, typology and size already defined.

In the second item on the left menu, we will have the item products.
Click on this selection and notice that on the right side of this menu the registered products will be listed that can be deleted, favorited, edited, duplicated and viewed there.
These operations can be performed by clicking on the icons on the far right of each listed product.
We also have two ways to add new products on this screen, a dark blue button in the header of the product page with the title “add new” or a light blue button fixed to the right at the bottom with the design of the products icon in the case of a cube .

At this moment we will add products that will be reviewed by the platform administrator to insert, register and edit items not finalized in this step of the Manual.
To get started, click on add products in one of the paths listed above.
We will only talk about the items that we will add information, the ones that we should not change for now we will not comment.
Product title seems simple but we will have some rules:
Enter the product name and not a description, let’s take an example below of a BlackMagic 6k body-only camera.
Camera Blackmagic Pocket Cinema6k body only (canon EF)
In price add the normal selling price and if you have any promotions add a lower selling price. In this case we will list the product with crossed out price and offer value or just the normal sale price without any promotion.

Now we will talk about short description and full description of the product.

We have some sources for such a description and we always like to check the most direct and simplest at the same time, we don’t seek to put a tiresome description and with illustrations… we can make copies and pastes without problems, but we can’t copy store names, links and not images.
Let’s be very careful with description so we don’t have to do the same job twice or more. We suggest looking at the base already registered to see how we are doing it and in what way we should not do it.
The short description is the one that appears first with only product topics on the right side of the product or just below, the long and complete description is already in the background where few see it and this is the idea, when we have a mixed audience, we should give the information in a fractional way and not much so as not to confuse the buyer customer.

In this item we will have to add the product identity in the virtual store, in this case called SKU
We have a standard created for products that works in a simple way.
AR( and 4 more random numbers) example AR7001. If the system already has this SKU record it will return an error in this case we must change the numeral.

In the full description we have tabs for easy viewing of the content inserted, in this item marked in the image to the side, we can add custom tabs such as payment conditions, shipping policies and etc…
By clicking on this item, we can add the title of the tab and its content below, very useful in terms of customizing goods.

Manually related products and cross-sell.
In this item we can add one or more products that we want to be shown on the product page as manually related products or joint sale.
For example, if we are selling a battery charger, we can offer batteries from different brands and the related cameras and lenses themselves.
The system already does this automatically by registering labels and categories, but we can do this manually if it is interesting to link the products and offer them to the customer in a more direct way.

Let’s customize our product, here we have some items from top to bottom, let’s detail:
Large square with image icon, in this square we must click to add an image or main photo of the product, in the smaller square we have an icon with a “plus” sign that clicking there will add secondary images. In the category item, we will only register the manufacturer at this moment, if you do not have a registration in the categories list, do not enter absolutely anything in the category category, in Tags, you can feel free, remembering that the system has a search system on google and on the ARAMIS platform, everything to be placed must be linked to the product, register as many words as you wish.

Upon completion, check the data and make sure you have not changed any unauthorized fields, products are always in stock, never change this field.
With everything verified, click on the DRAFT button and the product will follow for review.

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